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Animation & Film Studio

Armchair Productions

Armchair Productions is an Australian, Sydney-based, Award Winning Animation and Content Studio helping businesses communicate their story to the world. We create animation for Television Commercials, Explainer Videos, Government Agencies, Training and more... 

Work & Clients

SGCH-Josh's Story
AirBnB-A Different Paris
Wyong Environmental Film
Dow Agro TVC
Port Stephens TVC
Cancer Australia
Scenic TVC
Pharmacy Guild-Caring Up
Proctor and Gamble-Fairy Tabs
Vision Eye Institute-Cinema Ad
EPA-Air Pollution
Fantastic Beasts Trailer
McDonalds-Create Your Taste

We create great content from start to finish 

Who we are.
Sit back, relax and meet the team.
Stefan Wernik award winning director at A


Founder & Creative Director

Stefan worked in the design and animation industry in Bristol England for 10 years before starting a family and emigrating to Australia. Now, as Director of Armchair Productions he has brought his unique visual style to many projects. You can often catch Stefan skateboarding with his daughter at Bondi Bowl.

Arthur Collie animation and rigging at Armchair Productions


Technical Director & Animation whizz

Arthur is the fellow on your team that can just do anything. Animate, model, character rigging, Rubik’s Cube, table tennis.. Anything.. I think it was growing up with that country air in Wagga Wagga that did it.



Designer & Illustrator extraordinaire

Deanna is a stellar writer and designer of appealing characters. She loves bold shapes, striking colour palettes, and subtle visual jokes.

Deanna manages our storyboard team for multiple series, and has trained many successful interns. In her spare time, she likes going for walks inthe neighbourhood and meeting the local




Art and Storyboard Ace

Andrea is a legend with a pen; high quality paintings, emotive storyboards, energetic 2D animation – she can do it all.

She has a book collection expansive enough to start a library from her room, and is our go-to informant for all things K-Pop.

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Who We Are

Armchair Productions is a nimble, boutique animation studio in Surry Hills, NSW.

We love telling stories.

We love animation.

We love working with amazing clients.

Feel free to give us a call, we’d love to have a chat.

What We Do

Armchair Productions is an Australian, Sydney-based, award winning animation studio. We create animation for television series and commercials, explainer videos, government agencies, training videos and more...

Give us your story and we'll find the best way to tell it.

What We Believe


Story is king.

For thousands of years, humans sat around camp fires hungry for good stories. The camp fire may have evolved, but a well told story remains a powerful way to connect with people.

Character animation is our passion. The best stories are stories people can relate to and characters can really bring a narrative to life.

We'll bring you great, original design, obsessive attention to detail and a story that resonates with people.

Honestly, we live for this stuff, we wouldn't want to do anything else.

How We Work


We see every project as unique.

Whether you have a script ready to go, or a hazy idea of what you'd like to communicate, we can work with you. We're open and happy to collaborate – we want to produce the best work we can.

If you're new to the animation pipeline, we have created a guide to animation production that is shared on every job so that everyone understands the process.

Whatever your budget, we believe in putting every dollar on the screen. Our focus is on pushing our craft to bring brands and messaging to life.

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